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Healing Resources CBD is based in Arizona. We are dedicated to delivering therapeutic quality products- the driving motivation behind our Mission. Our Company was founded on three principles: Quality, Consistency, and Sustainability. Quality product, Consistent dedication to our craft, and Sustainable business practices. With top notch extraction, NON-GMO USA industrial grown hemp, and 3rd party lab testing we are proud to offer the largest variety of CBD products.  

Experience the Difference

All of our products are derived from compliant USA Industrial hemp farms, which means:
- Non-GMO, USA Grown
- 3rd Party Lab Tested
- No Residual Solvents
- No Synthetic Ingredients

Our Community

Learn more about the ways we are giving back to our community and how you can help! Contact us for more information!

What makes our CBD products so effective?

It all comes down to good plant material, top notch extraction, and expert formulation. We start with dried USA Grown Hemp plant material that has been third party lab tested to ensure potency and 2018 farm bill compliance; we then use industrial grade milling equipment to mill the hemp into a fine blend. Next, we introduce Isopropyl Alcohol because of its ability to collect other important compounds in the hemp plant material that we are extracting. We choose Isopropyl Alcohol because of its origin in an organic material since it is mostly produced by fermentation of plants and alcohol extracts both polar and non-polar chemical bonds. This is very important as this allows us to produce more complex extracts since the hemp we use contains a very broad range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. Purification now begins by evaporating the Isopropyl Alcohol out of the hemp solution and the resulting concentrated extract is purified through several unique operations resulting in a crude oil. This crude oil is decarboxylated, turning CBDA into CBD, etc. thereby activating the cannabinoids to their active and highly bioavailable forms. As this point our crude oil is distilled, increasing oil purity and removing any impurities. Now our extracts are sent to a third party lab to ensure potency and purity before using them to formulate our close to 100 various products!

What is the difference between CO2 extraction and Isopropyl Alcohol extraction?

In addition to Isopropyl Alcohol’s ability to help harness more of the therapeutic compounds contained in the hemp plant where CO2 extracts have missed many of those valuable compounds; from the perspective of bioavailability, another important thing about Isopropyl Alcohol extraction is esterification of organic acids. The interaction between Isopropyl Alcohol and acidic cannabinoids (CBDA, CBGA, THCA, etc.) could make them easier to absorb into the bodies of both humans and animals thus having greater therapeutic potential.

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