Why am I not feeling the effects of CBD?

Why CBD Is Not Working?

There Are Several Reasons CBD May Not Be Working

Wait! Do not throw in the towel just yet! I am sure you are here reading this because you are asking yourself the same big question, “why is this not working?” or even worse saying, “what a waste this was!” No doubt you gave CBD a go because you kept hearing about all of the amazing things that CBD can do. It seems to be everywhere as more and more people are turning to it as a natural alternative to traditional and harmful pharmaceuticals. As a result, you thought, “this sounds great, I will give it a try!” However, you may have found yourself having the unfortunate experience of it not doing much of anything if it did anything at all. Consequently, you think that it must not be for you or maybe that it is just an incredibly overhyped trend that will eventually pass. It can be easy to think that this is just another fad and to continue to settle for less than you deserve but there is most likely a reason as to why it is not doing the job you had hoped for it do. Not to worry, it is very likely an easy fix. There are several reasons why it may not be working, as well as several solutions. CBD can be a great natural healer and we want you to experience the relief that so many have found. As you read on, we will show you what you need to empower yourself. Hang in there and you very well may find that the end results were worth sticking around for.

Are You Taking the Right Dose?

Not taking the right dose is the most common mistake that we see happen when taking CBD, and it is the easiest mistake to make. Many of us are accustomed to being told exactly how much of something to take and exactly when and how to take it. Your doctor may tell you to take precisely 25mg of a certain pharmaceutical and then he or she will decide when it is time to increase your dose and by how much. All you had to do was pick up your prescription and follow the clear and specific instructions given to you. You pop a pill and that is it, it is not your job to worry about adjusting anything. Your doctor has control. As a result, it is completely understandable to feel nervous when entering the natural side of health care, namely CBD, and to take charge of your own health and your own body. There are no definite guidelines on how to figure out how much CBD to take. Why is that? To put it simply, it is because the dosing range is so broad and can vary greatly from person to person. Some benefit off of 10mg of CBD per day whereas others require 300mg of CBD per day and the list of examples goes on and on. Many begin with a conservative dosing strategy where you start at the low end, usually around 10mg, and work your way up. Why? There is no reason for you to take more than you need, and your pocketbook will thank you if you don’t. Do most people feel relief at 10mg? Oftentimes no, but some do. There is no way of us knowing exactly what your specific body chemistry is, the unique makeup of your Endocannabinoid System, or really your exact anything for that matter. Hopefully we will get there one day but until then if you are not feeling any relief or not enough relief then take a look at how much CBD you are taking and consider increasing your dose. You can read more about how much CBD to take and how and when to increase here.

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Did You Give It Enough Time?

Not giving the trial period enough time is another very common mistake when it comes to taking CBD. CBD does not behave in the same way that an opioid or an anxiety pill like Xanax does. CBD works to help heal your body naturally and not mask symptoms. So, it typically will not be as fast acting as popping an opioid or kicking back a shot of liquor. While some individuals are able to successfully use CBD only as needed, most need to use it consistently and need to give it time to build up in their system. If you tried it for a brief period of time and found that nothing happened, well… that’s not surprising. We encourage taking it consistently for about ten days when first starting and then evaluating to see if a dose increase is necessary. If you end up finding that an increase in dosage is necessary then wait at least a few days between each dose increase. You can think of it as being similar to a multi-vitamin in this way. You can’t take a multi-vitamin every once in a while, or only for a few days, and expect any significant results. Consistency and time are key factors when it comes to finding success with CBD. We all like having that immediate gratification but small steps everyday can lead to huge results. We like the saying, “you don’t eat the fruit on the same day you plant the seed.”

CBD not working?

Did You Purchase From a Reputable Source?

No matter who you purchase CBD from it is imperative to always ensure that the company third-party lab tests each and every batch for all of their products. Furthermore, that they are willing to provide these lab results to you as a consumer. The reason for this is because at this time CBD is not federally regulated. This means that anyone can slap a label on a product and claim “this” or “that” but there are no federal regulations in place to ensure that what is on that label is actually what is in the product. Are there companies that take advantage of this? Unfortunately, there are. We would love to live in a world where we could blindly trust what we are buying and who we are buying from. Since this is sadly not the case, when it comes to CBD it is crucial that the company is able to provide proof to back up the contents of their products. Here, at Healing Resources, we third-party lab test EVERY single batch that is made for our full line of products to show you that we are honest about what we put on our labels. Even more than that, to ease your mind that there is nothing else you would not want present such as chemicals or any harmful substances. So, ask yourself… did I buy from someone who follows these standards? If not, that could very well be the reason you are not seeing any results.

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Are You Taking It Correctly?

Have you ever placed batteries into something, such as a TV remote, but put them in incorrectly? What happened when you tried to turn the TV on with that remote? Nothing. Nothing happened. Does that mean the batteries do not work? Not necessarily. So, you try again and place the batteries in differently than you did the first time and when you go to turn on the TV… bingo! The TV turned on. Essentially, it works the same way with CBD. There are varying methods of delivery for CBD and it is important to make sure you are using each correctly in order to be effective. If you are taking a CBD tincture, then make sure to hold it under your tongue for a minimum of thirty seconds to ensure maximum absorption. Tinctures are best absorbed into your blood stream sublingually, meaning through the veins under your tongue. If you are not placing the tincture under your tongue or you are not holding it in place for long enough then it is unclear how much you are really absorbing if any at all. When it comes to CBD capsules or edibles, research has found that taking them on a full stomach and alongside a healthy fat is the best way to consume them. CBD is fat soluble so pairing it with a healthy fat such as avocados, eggs, nuts, or dark chocolate will help prevent the CBD from getting lost during its travels through your digestive tract. Therefore, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your CBD product.

Do You Need a Different Method of Delivery?

We brushed on this in the last paragraph, but it is important to take note that there are different methods of delivering CBD to your body. All methods have their place but everyone’s bodies have a different set of needs and preferences. For example, are you using a topical and it is not helping enough with your pain? You may need to try something with a more direct route to your blood stream such as tinctures or capsules. Are you using a vape pen and it’s not working or is the relief not lasting long enough? Vape pens are great at delivering rapid micro doses of CBD to your body. However, they are just that; fast-acting and short-lived micro doses. You may need to use something that can provide a larger dose. Are you taking capsules or gummies and they’re not working? It is possible that your body is not compatible with something trying to be processed and absorbed through its digestive tract and liver. Perhaps try something that you can use sublingually such as a tincture. Are you not able to hold the tincture under your tongue long enough for it to be effective? Try a capsule. The reason that there are varying methods of delivery is not complicate things but to make sure that there is something for everyone. It is not a one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to preferred method of delivery, so we provide different options for different people.

Have You Tried Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

You may have started with a product that is pure CBD. In these products, the CBD has been stripped of all other plant material meaning it contains no other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. If you are not finding relief with a pure CBD product then you may want to look into full spectrum hemp oil. Full spectrum hemp oil contains other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients that are found naturally within the hemp plant, not just CBD. I know, a lot of words! The simple take away is that when all of those components are left intact with CBD, they work synergistically together to provide a greater therapeutic benefit than CBD would alone. This is called the “entourage effect” and it is essentially like having teammates! CBD by itself, in a Pure CBD product, still helps many people find relief and some actually prefer it. However, many find that a full spectrum hemp product works tremendously well when they found no results with the pure CBD. Additionally, research has shown that those who take full spectrum are able to find relief at smaller doses than those who are taking a pure CBD product.

Let's Recap

Whew! As you can see, there are multiple reasons that could explain why CBD is not working for you. There are also multiple rather simple solutions. If you are not feeling the intended relief from CBD just remember to ask yourself these few questions. Have I tried increasing my dose? Did I give it enough time to work and did I take it consistently? Am I taking this product correctly? Have I tried other methods of delivery? Have I tried the full spectrum hemp oil? Simple answers to simple questions and please do not forget, we are always here to assist and help guide you if needed. All you have to do is ask us! Whether or not we are your source for CBD products, we are always here as a source of support and education.

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